If you use your Pocket PC a lot then you'll probably notice that it can slow down somewhat over time. Freeing up extra RAM to get things running smoothly again can be a gruelling and complicated task if you do everything manually.

However, there are programs that can do the job for you, and pmClean is a good example of such a tool.

pmClean rids the memory of unnecessary data remains, such as temporary files and the Internet Explorer cache, freeing up valuable RAM.

The surface of the program is very simple to navigate and you need only check the boxes corresponding to the stuff you want the program to remove and hit the 'CleanUp' button to set the sweeping in motion.

There's even a handy AutoStart feature that will optimise RAM in the background as you use your device.

Small, practical and effective, pmClean provides a simple way of freeing up precious memory on your Pocket PC.

pmClean is a simple clean-up tool to improve free memory and fix the Notification bug in WM 2003 / WM 5. 0 that causes slowdowns and alarm problems.

Used correctly, the program can significantly speed up your system. As well as removing all temporary files, pmClean deletes all duplicate and stale system Notifications, improving system stability and alarm reliability!



pmClean 1.0.7

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